Rabbit Litter Pan Training Made Easy

STEP 1: Rabbits instinctively use a specific corner of their cage as a toilet. Watch carefully for which corner your pet uses. Attach the litter pan in this corner.

*TIP* Discourage your pet rabbit from using the other corners by placing a bed in one corner, a water bottle in one corner, and a food dish in the remaining corner.

STEP 2: Place litter in the bottom of the little pan. (I like to use the small bits of recycled paper they sell. I have experimented with all different types of litter but my rabbits like this best because sometime they can read (haha I mean chew!) a small bit of paper while they “go”. Lock the littler pan in the predetermined spot.

*TIP* During the litter training process, to insure recognition of the litter pan as the toilet, place a small amount of your rabbits wet bedding and droppings in the litter pan on a daily basis. This will help your recognize this as the spot to use!

STEP 3: Routinely clean the litter pan. I put in just enough to soak up a few days urine, and clean the pan twice-three times a week. This way the room never gets smelly and also my rabbit’s bottoms are always nice and dry. If you have rabbits like mine, sometimes they like to sit in the litter pan for awhile, or even mini-nap!

*TIP* Don’t use strong cleaners on the littler pan. The toilet needs to smell like their toilet. If you empty the litter and change it routinely, you can just do one major actual cleaning of the litter pan a month and that should be fine.

Good Luck!

  • Ginger Haymon

    This is so new to me because this little white bunny showed up at my house right before I was leaving for vacation . When I got home he was still here. I have not been able to catch him yet, he does come up to me and he is surly not afraid I am basically scared I might hurt him. I have gotten him a cage, some food and I have plans of getting him all cleaned and taken to the vet. I do need help catching him though, I am not sure where or how to grab him I have named him Snoopy! :)

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