Observing “Lepus”, the Rabbit Constellation

Did you know that there is a constellation in the sky that is in the shape of a rabbit?

Lepus (Latin for Hare) is a constellation located in ancient times by 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. It is one of the modern day 88 constellations.

Because the Greek tale is told that Lepus was subject to Orion the Hunter, he is positioned underneath Orion’s feet and next to Orion’s hunting dog, Canis Major. In ancient Egypt, the stars of Orion were worshipped as an all-powerful god. To eat the rabbit would bring the character of timidity to a man, whereas to eat a horse would bring the character of swiftness.


The constellation Lepus can best be seen on winter evenings, close to the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere.  He can be found under Orion. Throughout the winter nights, Lepus will move slowly from the southeast to the southwest.

Lepus’ brightest star located in the middle of the hare’s body, is called Alpha Leporis, (Arneb, meaning ‘the hare’ in Arabic). It lies in the middle of the animal’s body. The stars Kappa, Iota, Lambda and Nu Leporis form an easily recognizable trapezoid and form the hare’s ears. Look in your binoculars for the brightest star, Arneb, found south-southeast of Rigel. Gamma Leporis is Arneb’s faint yellow companion.

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