Meet Cinnabun!


Meet Cinnabun!

Cinnabun, like Meadow, was another “love at first sight”. Cinny was the result of a run to the store to pick up some bunny food. I glanced over and saw him (I thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’ at the time), his little paws on the glass. He asked me to hold him. So I did, he nestled right under my neck, and long story short, Cinny was in a box in 10 minutes flat, and on his was home with me.

And so began the story of Meadow and Cinnabun’s life together. After a week ‘bonding period’, they have become best friends. I have never seen two animals love one another as much as these two do. They spend most of their time cleaning one another, playing,  kissing and cuddling. The expression “Attached at the hip” is true to these two; they make sure to always eat their meals together with at least one part of their bodies touching!

Cinny has a very different personality than Meads. He is more of the explorer, more independent, more mischievous! While his curiosity sometimes leads him to sneak into a room he is not supposed to be in, he is still a very good boy. He loves a good rubdown and to have his nose scratched, and he loves to thank you for grooming him by nibbling your fingers.277560680405_0_ALB

Fun Facts


Birthdate: (I have to check the birth certif.)

Heritage: New York, Peter Rabbit farm

Favorite Daytime Activity: sleeping with Meads

Favorite Nighttime Activity: chewing stools, sitting on the top of the couch

Email: info (at ) ilovemybunnies (dot) com