Daily Routine and Favorite Foods


Mead and Cinny’s daily routine goes hand-in-hand with what they eat everyday! Bunny food? Who wants that when you could have people food?! (I think they just love to share, and assume we do too, so they always help themselves!)

Every morning, the buns get the half of banana that is “shared” with them. They like to lounge around and sleep from about 10am until 3pm, when they sometimes watch General Hospital with their Aunt Kathleen. They enjoy her company, because she is a good sharer (rare for an only child- haha) and always gives them some of her afternoon treat.

When dinner time rolls around, these pampered (should I say spoiled?) bunnies get a feast fit for a king! They love their big salad of any combination of parsely, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, and of course, a bunny favorite, carrots.

Meadow and Cinny love their treats too! They are pretzel-lovers, like Steve, but he knows not to be too good of a sharer with these, as they are designed for a human and not the digestive system of a bunny. However, they are also crazy for popcorn, and fortunately, I found a package of bunny-safe mini corn-on-the-cobs which you can pop in the microwave (minus all the butter and salt that people really shouldn’t be eating either!).

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