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Wild Buns: Hello to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

Received a call that baby bunnies were found in Nutley (Thanks Restaino’s!), unfortunately their Mom was found hit by a car. So in moved my new house guests, and they are doing fantastic! Here they are at 1 and 2 weeks old! They grow a lot in that amount of time! Friends on Facebook voted on names for them, so say hello to the cutest days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

Flashback! My First Bunny, Rabby!

I have always loved animals. One Father’s Day, my Dad, younger brother and I went to the Nutley Pet Center just to look around at all the animals, with no intention of buying any (Mom is allergic to most!). Rabby had other plans! She picked US out of the crowd and convinced us she was moving in! Later that day we took her home (to the surprise of my mother, as she stood at the front door!) and the rest is history! Rabby was a joy to have around and I still think about her everyday!

Happy Halloween!

Meadow & Cinnabun did not enjoy dressing up in their Halloween costumes!