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Fatty Halloween

Farewell to Fatty the Bunny

I thought I would share the special story of Fatty the Bunny from the Anderson’s, who are missing their bun very much. I’m sure Fatty is happy as he has joined all the other bunnies in Bunny Heaven who’ve been loved and had to leave us too soon. Rest in peace, Fatty.








From Maria Anderson;

“We found our rabbit, Fatty, at the Pet Shanty in 2003 when he was about a year old. Chris, the owner of the store sold him as a baby and, because he loves his animals, took him back when the people he sold him to could no longer care for him.  When I first saw him in his cage, he was lying on his belly, feet straight out behind him, looking like a giant bear.  He noticed me looking at him, jumped up, and put his paw on the cage looking at me like he knew me. I asked if I could hold him and he cuddled right into me like we were long lost friends.  I ran and found my husband in the store and asked if we could get him and he couldn’t say no.   Fatty was such a funny, feisty bunny.  He would run circles around my feet when he was happy, sit up and beg for treats,  pull on our pant legs and shoelaces, and run laps around the house until he found just the right spot where he would lay flat on his stomach, legs out behind him, and relax.  If he didn’t feel like playing, he would honk and grunt to let us know he needed his space.  He didn’t like to snuggle but he would put his nose right in your hand to pet him and if you stopped, he would nudge you like he was saying, “don’t stop yet.” He was also so smart–I remember giving him a toy box and he watched me as I picked it up and put it down. Then he came over to me very quietly, picked it up and put it down, and then nudged it toward me, like he was saying, “your turn now.”  Fatty was also a great friend to our dog Guthrie and our other rabbit Beans.  When we brought Fatty home in 2003, he was completely at home with Guthrie — a giant Newfie/Lab mix.  Fatty would nudge Guthrie and run away, and lay near Guthrie when he wasn’t feeling well.  When Guthrie died in 2007, we thought Fatty needed a new friend and we got Beans, a disabled spotted Lop.  It took a while for Fatty to accept another rabbit but once he did, he would leave his cage and go into Beans’ cage just to snuggle. Fatty died on 7/26/11 and we all miss him so much.”