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I Found Baby Bunnies – Now What?

I Found Baby Rabbits – Now What?

If you find baby bunnies, and their nest has been damaged, the nest can be repaired. Look for a shallow depression lined with grass/fur. Place babies in nest with light layers of grass to hide them. Leave the area or the mother will not return. Mothers return only at dawn and dusk.

If you find healthy baby bunnies that are 4-5 inches long, able to hop, with eyes open and ears up, they do not need help. They are able to survive on their own. Leave them alone.

Questions? Call a wildlife rehabilitator or contact a veterinarian.

How to Rescue Baby Mammals

How to Rescue Baby Mammals

1. If you find an animal that appears to be injured or in distress, please keep it in a warm, dark and quiet place. Place the animal in a ventilated box with a clean, soft cloth. Tape the box shut.

2. Note exactly where you found the animal. This will be very important for release.

3. Wrap a hot water bottle in a sock or set a heating pad on ’low’ and place in box. Do not place animal directly on a heat source. Do not use heat lamps.

4. Handle the animal as little as possible; do not bother it. Do not handle the animals directly with bare hands, wear gloves. Some animals may bite or scratch to protect themselves, others may carry disease (fleas, ticks, etc.). Wash your hands after contact with the animal.

5. Keep the animal away from pets and children.

6. Do not attempt to offer the animal food or water. Doing so could actually harm instead of help the animal.

7. Contact a local rehabilitation center, state wildlife agency, or wildlife veterinarian as soon as possible for further instructions.

** NOTE: It is against the law in most states to keep wild animals if you do not have permits, even if you plan to care for, then release them.**

Regina LaCaruba featured in Marie Claire Magazine (February 2010)

And now for some very exciting news! I was interviewed by Marie Claire for my volunteer work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation … and am featured in the February 2010 issue of the nationwide magazine!

I am really proud of the volunteer work I do, and feel blessed that I get to do it! There is no easier way to get out of bed than to know you are bettering the lives of some orphaned,  injured and wild friends!

A special thank you to Jihan at Marie Claire!


Flashback! My First Bunny, Rabby!

I have always loved animals. One Father’s Day, my Dad, younger brother and I went to the Nutley Pet Center just to look around at all the animals, with no intention of buying any (Mom is allergic to most!). Rabby had other plans! She picked US out of the crowd and convinced us she was moving in! Later that day we took her home (to the surprise of my mother, as she stood at the front door!) and the rest is history! Rabby was a joy to have around and I still think about her everyday!