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Wildlife Rescue – Baby Kangaroo

A newborn red kangaroo named Skippy was rejected or expelled from his mother’s pouch at a wildlife park in eastern Louisiana May 13. Four months old, less than a pound and the size of a jellybean, Skippy could grow to 6-feet tall.

To regulate the body temperature, the rescuer kept Skippy close to your skin, and she turned a sweatshirt into an impromptu pouch and wore it inside another shirt and a warm fleece jacket.  He had to stay on his back, with his feet near his head, to ensure normal development of hind leg tendons and muscles. Skippy was driven to the Baton Rouge Zoo, where the zoo’s veterinarian mixed a batch of powdered milk substitute and cleaned the baby. The Baton Rouge Zoo also provided an emergency supply of kangaroo milk replacer, tiny bottles and the long, flexible nipples needed for kangaroos.

Now weighing about 3 pounds, Skippy took his first wobbly steps June 30, and his first hops July 4. In about two or three months, he’ll be at the age when red kangaroos leave the pouch for good.

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