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A,E,I,O,U & Y’s Last week in our home!

IMG_3597Due to last week’s consistent and terrential downpours, we decided to keep the wild rabbits for another week. I let them run around the “bun room” a few times to stretch their legs and chase and play with eachother. Read a book on the floor in there, and they stopped over to nibble my pajamas and say ‘hi’ once in awhile and see what I was up to. They are semi-happy here, but I can tell they are excited to get out and explore and see the world and be free!


The Ecological Role of the New England Cottontail

The ecological role of the New England cottontail (Sylvilagus transitionalis) and the impacts of environmental and human influences on wild rabbit abundance

Regina LaCaruba

Montclair State University

Fall 2008

Environmental Management

To read this paper in its entirety, download the PDF here: R.LaCaruba – Ecological Role of N.Eastern Cottontail

Meet Cinnabun!


Meet Cinnabun!

Cinnabun, like Meadow, was another “love at first sight”. Cinny was the result of a run to the store to pick up some bunny food. I glanced over and saw him (I thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’ at the time), his little paws on the glass. He asked me to hold him. So I did, he nestled right under my neck, and long story short, Cinny was in a box in 10 minutes flat, and on his was home with me.

And so began the story of Meadow and Cinnabun’s life together. After a week ‘bonding period’, they have become best friends. I have never seen two animals love one another as much as these two do. They spend most of their time cleaning one another, playing,  kissing and cuddling. The expression “Attached at the hip” is true to these two; they make sure to always eat their meals together with at least one part of their bodies touching!

Cinny has a very different personality than Meads. He is more of the explorer, more independent, more mischievous! While his curiosity sometimes leads him to sneak into a room he is not supposed to be in, he is still a very good boy. He loves a good rubdown and to have his nose scratched, and he loves to thank you for grooming him by nibbling your fingers.277560680405_0_ALB

Fun Facts


Birthdate: (I have to check the birth certif.)

Heritage: New York, Peter Rabbit farm

Favorite Daytime Activity: sleeping with Meads

Favorite Nighttime Activity: chewing stools, sitting on the top of the couch

Springtime with Meadow & Cinny!

meads grassMeads and Cin enjoy all types of weather, but their favorite, like most animals, is the springtime!

Rainy springtime days  are great excuses to sleep all day. Thunderstorms call for some extra cuddling.

But those perfect springtime days are their favorite to play outside in the grass and explore, or kick out under a shady tree!

cinny relaxin under tree

Meet Meadow!

Meet Meadow!

355111260405_0_ALBMeadow became the first rabbit member of my family as a result of my first post-college purchase. I believe in love at first sight, and he was just that. The fateful day I happened to walk by the window of my town’s local pet store, I was lured inside. I held him, and he whispered in my ear that he would really like to come home with me. I put him on hold until I was prepared for his arrival, went back a few days later and walked out with the only bunny I’d ever seen (in the 12 years since I last owned a rabbit as a child) that just had to be mine. Meadow and I lived alone in our house for about a year. Ours was a relationship that mirrored that of true companions– we took care of one another, played together, meads-lil-oneand there was plenty of hugging and kissing. When my actual, human boyfriend came to visit, Meadow was very unhappy. He would stomp when we would be sitting together on the couch, and even go as far as to come shove himself in between us. Meadow wouldn’t let Steve near me, he would circle around me as to protect me, and would practically run Steve right out of the room. In one rare occurrence, he literally (like the bunny right out of Monty Python’s Holy Grail) flew off the ground and chomped down on Steve’s knee. Needless to say, we knew it was time to find Meadow an actual mate, (although I think I’d subconsciously enjoyed having two guys fight over me! It was quite thrilling!). We took Meadow to get neutered, and soon thereafter, Meadow met his match!

Fun Facts


Birthdate: February 2005

Heritage: New Jersey

Favorite Daytime Activity: sleeping with Cin

Favorite Nighttime Activity: watching General Hospital with his mom, getting a nice long massage


Daily Routine and Favorite Foods


Mead and Cinny’s daily routine goes hand-in-hand with what they eat everyday! Bunny food? Who wants that when you could have people food?! (I think they just love to share, and assume we do too, so they always help themselves!)

Every morning, the buns get the half of banana that is “shared” with them. They like to lounge around and sleep from about 10am until 3pm, when they sometimes watch General Hospital with their Aunt Kathleen. They enjoy her company, because she is a good sharer (rare for an only child- haha) and always gives them some of her afternoon treat.

When dinner time rolls around, these pampered (should I say spoiled?) bunnies get a feast fit for a king! They love their big salad of any combination of parsely, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, and of course, a bunny favorite, carrots.

Meadow and Cinny love their treats too! They are pretzel-lovers, like Steve, but he knows not to be too good of a sharer with these, as they are designed for a human and not the digestive system of a bunny. However, they are also crazy for popcorn, and fortunately, I found a package of bunny-safe mini corn-on-the-cobs which you can pop in the microwave (minus all the butter and salt that people really shouldn’t be eating either!).

Baby Bunny “E” Bottle Feeding